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Where are Motor Trend floor mats made?

Feb. 04, 2024
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Purchased for a Ford Focus 2014 Hatchback SE. These are soft rubber and lay well on the floor and look nice. They seem to hold to the floor and will stay put and not slide around when you get in and out.

The front mats require very little trimming to fit. Just up a the steering column on the drivers side, the lower left corner on the passenger and the tabs that need to be cut.

The back seat needs more trimming from the middle of the mat to allow for the narrowing between the front seat arm rest. Also, the runner does not lay perfectly flat over the hump but if a person sits there the mat stays in position and does its job. You can kind of see in the picture that the middle has these deep groves on each side that act like a stretchy accordion to make it fit. I think this looks fine but if you are between the runner and the two floor mats in the back and will never have three people in the back seat, or a dog then just get the mats and not the runner. The runner works for me but this is where I took the most time to cut them and make them fit. Also the back runner needs to be trimmed to fit under the front seats. In the end you can make it look nice but this is the part that needed the most installation time.

The rear cargo mat is too wide but it was very easy to follow the 'cut' lines on the sides and get the mat to fit within 1/4" on both sides. Front to back it also needed a few inches removed.

I took about 40 minutes to install these using some trimming shears and felt that I took my time and was not in a hurry. I have read some reviews complaining they don't cover every square inch. This is likely true but they cover where my feet go and most other peoples feet go. If you are going to pop water balloons your car, transport full punch bowls, or have a massive spill there would be some drip over on the ends...but for normal usage these will protect the carpets from dirty feet and potted plants.

There is a slight smell to them and letting them air out for a day in the garage made a difference. 3 days later I do get in the car and can smell a slight smell of rubber. I open the windows for a few seconds while driving and the smell is gone. They do have lead in them so wash your hands after handling or cutting them and don't chew on them. I suspect this is why they lay well and reasonably heavy (16-17 pounds shipped).

I'd recommend the whole set for any car similar in size to a focus. I am not sure if the cargo mat would fit a larger station wagon but the front mats and runner would probably fit a larger vehicle too.

Where are Motor Trend floor mats made?

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